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We recognize the value of employee and corporate volunteering in making a difference to the planet and its communities.

Global engagement

At BAC, we understand that water and sustainable cooling are essential for continued development. Hence, we are committed to contributing to the availability of clean, safe water and sanitation to communities worldwide.

To achieve this, BAC started a partnership with Just a Drop in 2018. Since then, we have already transformed the lives of thousands of people in Africa, Latin-America and Asia.

The successfull partnership between BAC and Just a Drop thrives on the enthusiasm and support of BAC employees globally. In each facility, a BAC Water Ambassador coordinates the fundraising efforts and every dollar collected is worth three. Because for every contribution the employees make, BAC donates twice as much.

For more information on the projects that we realized together, go to Just a Drop website

Local engagement

Since embracing responsibility is one of our core values, we are committed to raising employee awareness and engagement for environmental and social challenges, both globally and in the local communities where we operate. 

For more information about our efforts, targets and accomplishments, read our ESG report.