Banner governance

We understand that becoming a sustainable company can only be done if all departments are aligned and guided by a strong leadership commitment and robust processes and policies. Transparency and accountability help build recognition for our efforts at all stakeholders.

Integrity and ethics

At BAC and at our parent company Amsted, we believe that integrity is the foundation for our relationships with customers, suppliers, other companies in our industries, and the communities in which we work. We require that every employee acts honestly, ethically, and with integrity at all times in the performance of their duties.

Our Code of Conduct establishes guidelines regarding business conduct and ethical practices. For more information, visit Amsted website

Sustainable procurement

Strong partnerships are crucial to ensure that our suppliers work to the same high standards as we do and align with BAC's sustainability goals. We have an international supplier base and purchase materials representing a significant part of the product cost. Collaboration and transparency are, hence, key to establishing a supply chain that balances economic, social and environmental aspects.

The BAC Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors outlines the principles and standards that we want all our suppliers and subcontractors to adhere to.

Public policy and industry

As a global company for cooling and refrigeration, we use our leadership position in the industry to educate the market on the benefits of using water-cooled systems to reduce energy usage, champion the transition to natural refrigerants, and support clean, safe drinking water for all.

For more information about our efforts, targets and accomplishments, read our ESG report.