Water means different things to different people.

For us at BAC, water is at the core of energy efficient, sustainable cooling.

But clean water is also simply a basic human right. Yet 785 million people globally still don't have access to clean water. That's 1 in 10 people! For them, water is the gateway to a better future. It has the power to create change to so many levels, from improving the living conditions of an individual to transforming societal structures and values.

So clearly, our partnership with Just a Drop is not just about clean and safe drinking water. It is about so much more… On this World Water Day, we are happy to share with you how our projects of the last 3 years have already transformed the lives of 25.000 people.

Throughout the world BAC colleagues celebrated World Water Day... some examples


BAC Milford

In celebration of World Water Day, employees wore Blue and together we raised over $475 for El Chaparal, Nicaragua! Great Job Team!

BAC Belgium

We set a challenge for the children of our BAC colleagues and asked them to get creative and show us what water meant to them.

We received a variety of water world wonders, depicting the way our children look at water. It is with pride we see that even at a young age already, our children truly understand the importance of water. They are the water ambassadors of the future, and judging by their efforts, they will do a good job!



BAC Australia

Everyone received an Aloe Vera plant to take home. This is intended to get us all thinking about how we, as individuals, value water and how we can use it wisely. Aloe is a great little plant - being a succulent it is water wise, and it has medicinal and health benefits too - the gel contained in the leaves can be used to sooth sunburn or minor cuts/abrasions, and they also improve air quality. Each time we look at our plant it will hopefully trigger ideas for using water efficiently.

BAC China

Employees shared water conservation tips during the day. More than 200 employees donated for Just a Drop in the BAC China Raffle.