Every year we celebrate World Environment Day. And we are getting good at it!
Discover here what your colleagues throughout the world got up to this time and be inspired!

BAC China

Many employees in China responded to the #GenerationRestoration activity and picked up a poster of our environmental initiatives and make their own commitments to restore ecosystems.

Children are growing up in a world that uses resources faster than ever before - our consumption and waste of paper, plastic, glass and aluminum are burdening landfills and is not ecologically sound. Thankfully, over the last couple of years, we have begun to make some progress in reducing, reusing and recycling. To celebrate the children’s day & 2021 BAC WED, we provide the canvas tote bag and colored pencils to our employees and encourage them to decorate and color on the Eco-bag together with their children. Our Eco-Bag Activity makes it easy and fun to teach children about the importance of practicing the three R's and learn ways to help recycle and improve the Earth.

BAC Italy

Employees were invited to join the “Green Mile Challenge” and leave their car a mile away from the plant and walk, jog or cycle to the destination. For the braves: leave the car at home and cover the entire way with a greener way of commuting.

BAC Madera

The Madera team collected an entire dumpster of trash from the perimeter and road near the Madera plant. Collection of this trash prevents it from traveling to our ponding basin and the groundwater.

BAC Jessup

With many Jessup employees continuing to work on a remote or hybrid schedule, World Environment Day activities also took on a hybrid approach this year. There was a Teams Live event with Scott Bowen of Howard County Recreation and Parks about the forest conservation easements surrounding the Jessup office. 
Native plants were also provided for each employee to take home and plant, providing an easy way to participate in ecosystem restoration.

BAC South Africa

To celebrate this year WED, BAC South Africa organized a walk in the Newlands Forest in Cape Town. We collected the litter we could find along the way while enjoying the fresh air in the woods.

BAC Australia

A great afternoon for some of the Somersby team cleaning rubbish from the banks of the Narara River at Gosford for WED. Over 8 bags of rubbish collected and the area looks so much cleaner now. A big thanks to the team for giving up their time and collecting the rubbish.

BAC Milford

At Milford, colleagues were invited to take a tomato plant and plant it in honor of World Environment Day. They will soon benefit the rewards of growing tomatoes to eat or share with friends & family. 

BAC Belgium

With most of the Covid restrictions still in place in Belgium, the BAC Belgium Green Team was looking for alternative ways to celebrate World Environment Day (June 5) this year. 
They invited everyone to Do nothing for nature (& participate in No Mow May).  Just lock up your lawnmower on May 1st and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators.
On Sunday June 6th a number of volunteers from BAC Heist, in collaboration with the Belgian nature conservation organization Natuurpunt, picked up chainsaws, axes and loppers to battle against rhododendrons on a beautiful Sunday morning.
With its evergreen leaves and beautiful purple blossom, the rhododendron is popular in Flanders, but the plant was originally imported from the Himalayas. The plant does very well on our soil, but it disrupts the natural forest dynamics and the ability for other species to grow. Hence the need to reduce its presence significantly.