Driving Industry Progress

As a global leader, we are driven to push the cooling industry forward. At BAC, we lead by advocating for equipment efficiency and performance certifications, increased energy efficiency standards for buildings, and strengthened industry disclosures.

Industry Leadership in Partnership

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We actively promote minimum energy efficiency requirements for building codes and standards such as ASHRAE 90.1 and Eurovent 9/12 As the only manufacturer with CTI-certified products for over a decade when CTI certification was introduced to the market, we are at the forefront of industry efforts to certify the thermal performance of cooling equipment We champion improved heat exchanger pressure drop disclosures in closed-circuit cooling towers to enhance pump energy transparency.

Greener Cooling for Greener Buildings

In collaboration with industry trade groups and organizations promoting green building standards like ASHRAE Standard 189.1 and USGBC LEED, we are dedicated to enhancing green building design. Our work with the California Energy Commission and ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Committee has led to increasing the minimum energy efficiency for open cooling towers by 5% over ASHRAE Standard 90.1 levels.

Water Safety is Paramount

At BAC, we actively support public research, education, and sound public policies for improved health and safety in water systems. In addition, since 2018, our partnership with Just-A-Drop has provided clean water and sanitation to over 26,500 people with projects valued at $300K.

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