img_9563.jpgAt BAC we aim to make all our processes as environmentally friendly as possible. This time the Communications Department brought a sustainable change to our attention. Our product overview brochure was in need of a make-over. Not only did the lay-out change, but we now print this brochure on 100% recycled paper!

By selecting Cocoon Gloss for the printing of this brochure in 13 languages our environmental impact was greatly reduced, compared to non-recycled paper.

Our BAC internal personnel magazine from the BAC Belgium employees (BAC SamenGevat) is also printed on 100% recycled paper (Cyclus Offset) from now on. This too contributes to reducing our environmental footprint.

Nice to notice: In the image you can see a well-know panda logo. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) supports the paper producer in the promotion of a circular economy of paper.