Zzinga health centreIn 2019 BAC will raise money for the Zzinga Health Centre in Uganda.

The Health Centre serves a population of 23,000 people and offers services such as treatment for minor infections, anti-natal services, immunisation for children, tetanus, cancer treatment and a theatre for young children. It is the only such Centre for many kilometres. The Centre is located in a remote area, which is relatively difficult to reach and therefore often ignored by government and other agencies. 

Water and effective sanitation and hygiene are obviously crucial to the delivery of such essential services, but the Centre lacks proper water and hygiene facilities. The nearest access to safe water is 2.5 km away and existing water tanks are not sufficient in capacity. There is only one latrine block, used by staff and patients alike.

To meet the needs of this Health Centra, BAC together with Just a Drop will implement the following:

  • Construct a 30,000 litre rain water harvesting water tank
  • Construct a 14 stance, double faced latrine, separated into male, female, staff and disabled use. The latrine will also contain washrooms, for washing
  • Provide wash pictorial hygiene and sanitation messages on the latrines
  • Construct one incinerator for burning medical waste
  • Establish and train a Health Management Committee and Village Health Teams on good hygiene and sanitation practices, how to promote these to patients and the community and how to monitor the impact on health
  • Provide training in how to operate and maintain the facilities.

With these new facilities, there will be safe water across the Centre at all times, even in the dry season.


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